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We want to show off as many cocktail related brands, products, distillers, brewers, and vintners as possible at Commonwealth Cocktails.  We have pages specifically designed for products ranging from Beer to Spirits to Garnishes to Wines to Drinkware.  Each product page provides a rich understanding of your product so your customers will be able to have a deep understanding of what makes your product special.  We then roll all of these products up and pull them into your business page that provides as complete a picture of your history, brands, culture, etc as possible.  All of this is focused on your customers being able to engage with your more with social media connections and direct links back to your site and products.

Contact us to complete our "Business and Product Listing" questionaire to share your products, brands, and business information.

Product pages consist of:

  • Product image - we shot all products in portrait with a pure white background
  • A back link to your website's product page
  • Product description - a brief description of your product
  • Product details - this is a set of of much more specific indepth data related to your product
  • Cross link to Producer page - this is a link to your Commonwealth Cocktails producer page
  • Amazon Affiliate link- if your product is listed on amazon this is were we link back to it for affiliate sale


Once we have established contact and when we are provided a sample to taste, we add our review notes and our rating which is a whole number from 0 to 5. We don't require a sample and your product can still have a product page on Commonwealth Cocktails wothout us sampling and reviewing it. There is no charge for sampling. If your product is great, like we know it will be, and we rate it greater then 4 we will tag it with the  Commonwealth Cocktails Product Promise after we have recieved all the answers to our product questionaire.

Listing fee

It takes us time to create product pages so we charge US $100  per product page. If you make any changes to the product for a year we will update the product page for free.  After the year we require a US $50 fee to update the information.


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