Zoom Bouncing in Ziami | A Podcast Review | Ziami Part 4

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The final part of the Ziami Rum series is a free-for-all both with the cocktails and the conversation.  Jon explodes on the scene by being Johnny on the spot and always ready, starting the episode off with a story of his days back in California.  Dan interrupts, per usual, and reminds everyone that he doesn’t remember the end of most of the podcasts happening.

Dan Actually Makes A Cocktail

Because of the COVID-19 world we live in, Dan actually has to make a cocktail at the end of the series and he makes a Adios Du Vixa (100% sure this is spelled wrong in both languages), which is German and Spanish for Goodbye You Wanker, according to Dan.  Basically he combines everything we had for the podcast series into a cocktail.  This is actually how cocktails get created; don't let anyone fool you.  Travis and Jon make a basic rum and tonic because they are simple.

Sense Jon hasn’t ever done a podcast with us, we go over the podcast setup when we used to record at Travis’ house.  If you have ever heard one of those podcasts you will know that Travis has to keep his house like a cave for his  kids to sleep and so we bring Jon up to speed on our crazy past.  From the past to the present we talk about Travis’ new office.

The conversation devolves from here into Travis bragging about his past and his pro Mascot career, his entrepreneurship, and his many many nonsense endeavors.  This leads to Dan as always dumping on America, American Sports, Harry Potter, etc. With the focus on sports we talk about the effect of COVID-19 and how people watch sports now and the sports we are missing.  But then Jon throws a curveball at Dan and Travis’ banter by saying he isn’t a sports fan.

Jon Was A B-Boy

Jon divulges that he is a breakdancer, a B-Boy, and he has even been in competitions.   Dan of course is jealous and uniformed as always.  Jon explains that even Dan could be a B-Boy, even though in Dan's words he is “janky lanky”.  Dan impresses us with his knowledge of dance terminology like the  big fish/little fish and the sprinkler.  Of course this leads to Travis’ telling us all about his “coat-check bitch” job.  

Zoom Clubbing Is A Thing

Did you know that DJs now stream?  Well Jon and Travis, tell us all about how people are “Club Zooming”. Yes we just made that up. And how DJs are mixing on zoom which leads to clubs having bouncers, “Zoom Bouncers”, that regulate who gets into the zoom meeting.  Yes this is a thing, crazy times.  Then Dan tries to get political and that is where it ends.


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