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We believe in libations for everyone and work hard at honestly informing our customers about what tastes great and what products are worth it.  We want to open up the cocktail world so that anyone can use our data and make something even better, which is why we work hard at growing our library of cocktail information. We have strong beliefs in what is good but that is our opinion.


This website is owned and operated by Rough Industries, and was established in 2016.

Our lifeblood

We are a small start-up but Commonwealth Cocktails strives to be the best cocktail related website in the world.  At Commonwealthcocktails.com we are working hard at being ranked in the top cocktail websites.

We specifically do not use Google Ads or any other ad service for that matter, we think it clutters our site and doesn't add anything to our customers. We do all this hard work and make all this content available to the world by working hard with producers. This support takes the form of:

Sponsored cocktail ingredients

We are sometimes paid to specify a particular brand as an ingredient in a cocktail recipe. However, please be assured that we will have sampled these products and tried it against other similar products in cocktail recipes before agreeing to such sponsorships.

Even if we are not paid, we display our preferred brands rather than generic names as we believe this helps consumers source the products they need to make our recipes. To this end we endeavor to also link to third-party online shops to allow readers to quickly and easily acquire ingredients to make the cocktails they have chosen. Obviously, those readers who have a preference for another brand are free to make that choice and we try to help them by displaying the generic category of each brand in the shop below each cocktail recipe.

We'd very much like to take this opportunity to thank the many brands that have supported us and have made the cocktail area of this website possible. Thank you.

Sponsored Editorial

We do not run 'advertorials' supplied by brands or their agencies, we do not regurgitate press releases, and we do not run brand-led editorial on the promise of display advertisement bookings.

We consider distillery, winery and brewery visits, interviews with producers, cocktail competitions, brand-driven cocktail features and other such brand initiatives as brand awareness and promotion. We are very happy to feature any and all of these on this website but only if we feel such content will be of interest to our readers. We classify such content as 'Sponsored Editorial'.

Sponsored Editorial is just that - we publish such editorial with support (often financial) of the brands being featured. The fact is, without this support we would not be able to produce much of our in-depth editorial and accompanying videos and photography. This is particularly the case for our pieces covering production at distilleries, wineries and breweries, especially those involving long-haul travel to visit. We are not accustomed to traveling business class but very much appreciate the help and support drinks brands provide.

Importantly we retain full editorial and design control and our house-style is always observed. We only agree to write and run Sponsored Editorial pieces after receiving a written proposal detailing potential subject matter, access to information and accompanying imagery and photography. Naturally, we give the 'sponsor' the opportunity to approve content before running pieces to ensure factual accuracy. However, we retain the right not to make and requested changes if we consider they contravene our editorial style or convictions. In such cases sponsors may decide to withdrawal sponsorship and the piece will not run on this website. However, with proper upfront exchange of information and views, this is very unlikely.


Advertisements can take the form of job and event listings through banner and leaderboard advertisements. Acceptance of such advertisements is strictly subject to aesthetic approval by our exacting Art Director and content approval by our Editor-In-Chief. In Australia, Brazil, Greece, Mexico and The Netherlands, acceptance of display advertising is at the discretion of our Partners in those respective countries.

Links to third-party online shops

We are signed up to 'Affiliate' and 'Associate' programs with various third-party retailers to which we link, so allowing viewers to this website to purchase products and services. Please be aware that Commonwealth Cocktails and our Local Partners may receive a percentage of such purchases. The revenue received helps keep this website alive.

Please support us by making your purchases via Commonwealth Cocktails'. When we link to retailers such as Amazon our system automatically selects the cheapest version of that product available (e.g. the cheapest on Amazon Marketplace). We do not host or operate checkout pages and payments go directly to the retailer. Hence, we use the term "buy direct from" on such third-party retailer links.

Product & bar reviews

We are proud of our unbiased and impartial reviews of products and bars. Accordingly, we have produced a page titled Our reviews, ratings & rules of engagement which sets out our policy towards receiving samples and indeed paying for our drinks at bars. In short, we do receive free samples, sometimes from advertisers, and no, we do not allow this to affect our unbiased and impartial reviews of those products.


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