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Showing Off Your Brand

Every year, distilleries, breweries, and vintners open up across the world, offering new varieties and flavors of our favourite spirits, suds, and wines. But how do you get your brand exposed and keep it growing?  Just as you are experts in the fields of distillering, brewing, and wine making we are experts on web development with a passion for spirits, brews, and wines.  Our websites are completely geared to getting you the most exposure for your brand.

What we do for your brand is provide another great place expose customers to all the wonderful products you make, pushing those customers to your website for a comlete picture of your brand.  We work with you to gather all the most important information that describes your products.  Then we use our knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and web development to get your brand to the top of search results.

So how do we do this?  We take the information you provide us and use that to fill in our custom database, specifically designed for the spirits, brewing, and wine making industries.  We provide product specific pages that have all the important data filled in to make sure search engines like Google and Bing find our products and undertand the message you are trying to send to customers.  We provide social media sharing capability for Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook because the more people share your products the higher and faster you move up the search results.  We also connect your business with your brands and products so customers can not only find your products but your business as well.  You have a story to tell and we us your business page to do just that.  Your business page has all the features that your products pages have including the social media sharing.

To find out what information we ask all out producers look at the Listing Your Porduct on Commonwealth Cocktails page

Hosting Your Website

We offer web hosting services for distillers, brewers, and vintners.  So what does that mean?  We offer our servers with all their content and resources to you with a branded site for your business.  That means we take your existing site and rebuild it with our search, articles and cocktails but for only your products and focused on your needs. 

Why is this unique?  There is currently no other platform soley focused on the distillery, brewing, and wine making market to increase individual producers search engine rankings.  By using our cocktails, articles, and social media capabilities for your site you will engage your customers more and find they keep coming back to use your site more creating a releationship that lasts.

Over time, as we add more capabilities, these are put to work for you.  As we add images, articles, cocktails, functionality, etc you benefit because we share that with everyone using our service.  For example one of our goals is to produce Android and iOS apps for each of our hosted websites, which you would benefit from.  We also are working on building eBooks and Books that you would be able to have printed with your brand and sell in your stores.  As a community working together we think we can make everyone stronger.

What can you expect?

  • We setup and configure your website which displays all necessary pages from your brands to your "about" and "contact" page.
  • You send us any photos and information and we get that all onto your website as part of the setup.
  • A list of cocktails and products along with images, all of which can be displayed only with your brands in the ingredients list.
  • Present your Google Calendar events.
  • Affiliate linking to Amazon so your site can generate you income and sustain itself.
  • On all cocktails, posts, and product pages we provide social media linking so your customers can get the word out about your great products.
  • Create your own blog posts to keep customers aware of your latest products and events.
  • Access to all content. We give all of it to you including articles, products, and cocktails. No restrictions, so you can grow your content to move up in search results.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get your brand at the top of Google.
  • Add your Google Analytics account so you can see who, when, and where your customers are coming from to see your products from around the internet.
  • No extra cost improvements. As we update out website and others you benefit.
  • Speak to an actual employee who can help solve an issue you might have. We can adjust what we develop to help our distiller community specifically.

What are we working on?

  • An out of the box Andriod and iOS ready App for you and your customers to immediately download.
  • The ability to make branded e-books and hardcover/paperback books

What else can we do for you?

One of our goals at is to list all cocktails known to man with a descritpion, recipe and a photo. We know this is a difficult goal and will take us many years to achieve. Furthermore, it means that we are fully operational we will postnew cocktails daily along with photos to our website. As our customer, you can also have all of these recipes (or just the ones that apply to your spirits) along with images. This will enable you to constantly post new content on your website thus keeping it alive and not static.

Do you have more questions? Then contact us at or via our Facebook page.


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